Gionee Golden Keypad Phone- Your Universal Phone

gionee golden keypad phone

Gionee Golden Keypad Phone has recently made waves in the mobile phones industry with its innovative features. These phones are always in top of the best seller lists for its excellent features and extremely efficient performance. It is one of the most sought after phones with all the different networks across the world. The Gionee phone comes with different methods of connections, such as local, long distance, dual and wide band.

A free ring tone is usually included with the new models of the phones and the free ring tones vary from phone to phone. To activate the Gionee keypad phone, dial the code displayed on the screen. This simple process will provide you the basic features of the phone. After it is activated, you can make a call through the menu keypad by pressing the button of the handset.

These are some of the many things that you can get with the Gionee keypad phone. Once you have set up your personal number, you can get rid of your incoming calls by accessing the features of the keypad.

The model of the Gionee keypad phone has a small radio transmitter attached to the keypad. You can use this radio transmitter to make or receive a call. You can use this radio transmitter to ring the bell or even to text message to your friend. There are various options available with the keypad as well.

With the Gionee keypad phone, you can order an operator. This is a feature which will allow you to order the operator through the free numbers in the phone directory. If you want to have an international operator, you need to pay extra for the price.

Another special feature is the camera feature. The camera feature is particularly designed to capture those lovely shots you always wanted to take. They come with a dedicated camera to choose from. The Gionee keypad phone has the capability to take a picture while the phone is ringing.

It is quite interesting to use the Gionee keypad phone. In order to activate the features, you need to press the corresponding buttons. These buttons are placed at the backside of the handset. When you press the buttons, you can access the features of the phone.

A Gionee keypad phone is something worth buying. The handset itself is good looking and very comfortable to hold. It also has an amazing feature of making a video calls at a flash. This feature is of great help to people who go anywhere.

So with this feature, you can enjoy free calls with your friends and family on the run. With this, you can play games, send SMS and MMS messages and much more. The Gionee golden keypad phone is always loaded with a lot of features.

Some models also come with a volte. The Gionee golden keypad phone has a facility to make free calls over 3G network. So it is also better to use the Gionee golden keypad phone in places where you need to make a call.

Other models are also available for the internet connections. The Gionee golden keypad phone has different models that come with different internet connections. If you are a person who likes to surf the net, it is advisable to go for the Gionee golden keypad phone.

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