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Karan Pandya is too hot new Indian actors who have been making waves in Hollywood with their roles in hit movies such as King of Comedy, Housefull and Lagaan. Karan Pandya has also starred in the popular children's television show So Many Jobs where he played a role similar to that of Tej for the international market.

Karan was always interested in acting. He studied and learnt from an esteemed acting coach at the age of 16 before he started his career as an actor. He joined his father's theatre company, The Ravinopoulos Opera Company, which had a dream of launching an actor that could be a star in the world of film.

Karan was offered a leading role in a film by a film producer who told him, "You have to do this role." But Karan did not agree to take this role as he felt he was talented enough to play a more important role and decided to pursue his studies further.

Karan continued his studies and in the process he developed an interest in theatre. In his final year at college, Karan began to go to the theater in the evenings as it was only there that he could enjoy acting. One day, while visiting the theatre at his college, he was taken aback to see a young woman playing the lead role in a play.

Karan did not know what this woman was doing at the theatre that evening but found that she spoke English and took interest in the play that she was performing. He approached her and asked her to meet him in the evening so that they could watch the play together.

Karan and the girl became friends and worked well together for several years before Karan decided to begin his career as an actor. Karan has always had an interest in theatre and was able to secure acting roles in several plays in his community in Delhi.

Karan was known to many of his colleagues and friends in Delhi as a nice and calm person, who was very comfortable in front of the camera. Karan spoke of his love for theatre and did his bit to ensure that he did not go hungry at the theatre.

Karan has never shied away from learning new things or breaking old ones. Since he was always interested in theatre, Karan used to go to the theatre even on weekends when he could spare the time to attend the play. He would also play sports such as chess, chess, go, tai chi and many others.

Karan would stand in the wings for all the other actors and would usually be the first one to leave the stage during the interval to partake in the break dancing. He was one of the few in the company who could hold his own in these competitions and, after his role in Housefull, he was made a member of the resident performers' circle of the theatre.

Karan loved to have fun and he enjoyed the limelight that his own performance gave him. He had a tendency to be the talk of the theatre town and he even gave speeches to various audience members who were interested in getting involved in the entertainment industry. It was after meeting Karan that one of his fellow actors, Anil Kumar, decided to follow in his footsteps and take up acting classes in his native city, Jaipur.

Karan introduced Anil to Karan, who introduced him to Anil's brother-in-law who took Karan under his wing. The pair have remained close friends and along with Anil, Karan was soon promoted to a key part in the Jaipur and Agra theatre troupe.

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