The Pros and Cons of the Lava Front Flash Mobile

lava front flash mobile

The Lava Front Flash Mobile was recently launched as the latest in the line of mobile accessories for the guitar player. Unlike the traditional models, this model is completely electronic and does not require an amp. It is very easy to use and has all the features one could ever want for their portable amplifier. This article will discuss the pros and cons of this new type of accessory.

Battery Life: Most portable amplifiers require the player to replace the batteries every few months. The Lava Front Flash is the exception. This amplifier requires just a couple of hours to recharge from a dead battery. The rechargeable battery allows the player to go to live shows or practice without having to worry about replacing the batteries. Battery life will not be too good if you play for more than 20 minutes without changing your batteries.

Features: A lot of people will not like the fact that the Lava Front Flash has a USB output. While there are other amplifiers with USB output, most guitar players prefer to use the internal USB port for all their music devices. The USB port on the Flash unit provides an alternative method of connecting all of your music devices.

Connectivity: One of the most important features of any amplifier is its connection to your computer. The Lava Front Flash will not have the traditional "USB" cable, but will instead be compatible with both the Apple and Microsoft operating systems. This makes it possible for you to download files directly from your computer to your amplifier and allows you to easily connect and disconnect your speakers and other components.

Price: Although there are many options in portable guitar amplifier styles, the Lava Front Flash is the best choice. It will run you less than $200 and is the perfect solution for players on a budget. You can buy your amplifier online at select dealers for a fraction of the cost of buying at a retail store.

Power: Most portable amps are rated at 100 watts or more. The Lava Front Flash is rated at only 80 watts. The manufacturer of the Flash is extremely strict about this measurement, so this may not seem like a big deal for many players.

Ease of Use: As with most portable amplifiers, the Lava Front Flash is very easy to use. Simply plug it into an outlet and connect to your speakers. This makes it much easier to get in tune for live performances.

Quality: There are many different companies offering portable guitar amp reviews. One of the biggest problems many players have with the amps they purchase is that they are poor quality. The Lava Front Flash is well built and has been around the block for a long time.

Sound Quality: There are some amps that produce a very nice sound. However, some of these amps are very expensive and are not built to last. The Lava Front Flash is very easy to get great sound from.

Remote Tuner: The Lava Front Flash has a "fancy" remote tuner. The typical guitar player does not have a remote tuner and would likely buy a dedicated guitar tuner to replace the built in tuner of the Flash. Although the traditional tuner is great for tuning the Lava Front Flash, the tuner is much easier to operate and to hear when someone else is playing.

The Lava Front Flash is a very flexible and useful amplifier that will fit right into any guitarist's collection. The only downside is that this model is an electric guitar only and is not suitable for amplifying classical or rock music.

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